Hilltop Equestrian
332 Sandford Road
Uxbridge ON L9P 1R1


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Hilltop Equestrian's focus is on providing excellent instruction on quality horses in a fun, family oriented atmosphere.  We offer PRIVATE and GROUP lessons for beginner to advanced riders.  All lessons are mainly taught by Pam MacGregor (owner) or qualified instructors.

Group lessons are 60 minutes in length and may include up to six riders of similar riding skills.   Most of our students, including our show riders, participate in group lessons.  Riding in a group offers the opportunity to watch and learn as instruction is given to each student.  In addition, it is more fun riding with others, and students enjoy forming friendships with other "horsey" people.    All of our students help and encourage each other  both on and off horse, and often stay to watch other lessons, socialize with their barn-mates or help out around the barn.

Adult Beginner/Intermediate Lessons
We love teaching beginner adults who have never rode before or who are returning to riding after a period away from the sport.    Learning to ride as a mature adult presents its own challenges and there is much laughter in these lessons as they help and encourage each other deal with age or previous injury related limitations and fears.   Younger Hilltop riders are a constant source of inspiration and support to our adult riders.

Private Lessons
Private lessons are 30 minutes in length and offer one on one instruction.    A private lesson is perfect for those who have never ridden before or those riders who want to work on a specific facet of their riding that may be giving them difficulty.